It started in early 2014 with an idea and goal of our company story, Shetabanhost. A collection that is currently interacting with dozens of internal and external servers and data centers, but is still growing and pursuing the same basic goals. From the very beginning and since we were just a small reseller, we had one goal: to offer a different hosting, a hosting with the best and most advanced technologies, but at the same time being by your side :)

Our customers and users have always been our most valuable asset during these few years, which is why we at Shetabanhost always strive to answer and solve your problems and requests as quickly as possible. We know that we got here because of your support, we will always appreciate you and try to help you dear ones with the help of the experience we gained during this period and the new attitude and vision that we entered into this business.

We are with you all the way to your success because we know how to go about it, we know you need to feel safe and secure to get started, we know you need advice, we know you need other people's experiences Use, we are here to help you in these cases, count on us more than one host.