Why buy a dedicated Hatzner server from Shetabanhost?
With more than 8 years of continuous cooperation with the largest data center in Germany, which is known as Hetzner, Shetabanhost offers the services of this data center to customers an affordable, with all the dedicated servers of Hetzner along with support.
Hetzner services can be divided into two categories:
Dedicated servers
To buy a dedicated server and find out the prices, you can contact us by phone or by sending a support request on the site.
Order service
Virtual cloud server
Hetzner cloud virtual servers that are provided with a reasonable price from the data center and are provided to you with the management panel on our site.
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Managing and hosting all at your fingertips
Manage your own dedicated servers!
There are several ways to manage the host space. German Hatzner dedicated servers are ideal and cost-effective in all directions for you.
Technical support
High uptime
We know that disrupting the hosting server will cost you. That's why we pay to ensure that the system stays connected.
The best facilities
From now on, you are in the online world. Build your website now. We are your host and companion to your site.
Best price
Your focus is only on the growth and success of your business. For this reason, we have simplified all the issues for you.
Frequently Asked Questions
Answer of questions you may have about Shetabanhost dedicated servers
Why Hetzner?
Stability, the ability to provide the panel to the customer, automatic installation of various operating systems, fast support, 1 Gigabit port, free backup space on some servers and ...
Some Hetzner problems
Strict rules and very high sensitivity to copyright and spam, etc., cost to put ISO on the server