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Shetabanhost always offers the most suitable prices for you customers so that you can register and buy a domain with ease.
Domain lock
Prevent unauthorized transfer of your domain. You have complete control over the unlocking of any domain you purchase and register.
Easy management
Your domain control panel is designed so that you can easily manage it and do everything related to the domain through the dashboard.
24-hour support
Our company support will answer all your requests in case of any problem or purchase advice with complete composure.
domain registration
All domains are registered exclusively by Openprovider and we represent your domain registrar.
International Domain Registration
Do you need branding or do you have an online business? We recommend registering and using public domains.
Registration, renewal and transfer price of the domain
In the table below, you can see the cost of buying or renewing a domain
Domain extension Register Renew Transfer
ir 42,000 تومان 42,000 تومان 42,000 تومان
com 584,000 تومان 572,300 تومان 572,300 تومان
net 710,900 تومان 723,500 تومان 723,500 تومان
org 710,900 تومان 723,500 تومان 723,500 تومان
info 1,221,200 تومان 1,252,700 تومان 1,252,700 تومان
in 597,500 تومان 666,800 تومان 666,800 تومان
co 1,813,400 تومان 1,851,200 تومان 1,851,200 تومان
biz 1,000,700 تومان 1,032,200 تومان 1,032,200 تومان
us 811,700 تومان 849,500 تومان 849,500 تومان
it 1,227,500 تومان 1,259,000 تومان 1,259,000 تومان
me 1,378,700 تومان 1,410,200 تومان 1,410,200 تومان
asia 906,200 تومان 931,400 تومان 931,400 تومان
mobi 1,429,700 تومان 1,473,200 تومان 1,473,200 تومان
tel 1,000,700 تومان 1,032,200 تومان 1,032,200 تومان
shop 1,966,000 تومان 1,966,000 تومان 1,966,000 تومان
app 1,158,200 تومان 1,189,700 تومان 1,189,700 تومان
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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to any questions you may have about Shetabanhost
Is domain registration in Shetabanhost instant?
Yes, domain registration in Shetabanhost is done instantly.
Is a web control panel provided for domains?
For international domains yes and you will be able to change the DNS through the Shetabanhost user panel.
Can you register domains other than those in the table?
Contact us to register other domains via ticket.
Which companies register international domains?
All international domains are registered in Openprovider.